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    A smart line willing to create positive changes. This is the mood of the PG 1970 Monogram Collection that tap into 70’s spirit and captures the beauty of the allure of “La Dolce Vita”. An historic collection with deep roots, conceived in the 60’s born with the double monogram logo, still proposed in the classic beige canvas created back then.


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    The horse, the juggler and the dancer but also the seal and the lion, they are just a few of the funny characters that populate the fantastic Piero Guidi’s world. Presented in 1986 this collection is the most appreciated of the Maison. Being so naif and irreverent at the same time makes it so catchy at the very first sight, thanks to its texture and nuance always new alongside the evergreen such as brown, white and black. “Fantasy never dies” is the motto that accompany every creations and it’s the spirit that moves millions of people from all over the world that owns a Magic Circus product. The line takes inspiration from Chagall and Mirò works, which Piero Guidi reinterpreted with his own estrus creating a little and unique masterpiece.


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